Ages 7 on up.

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Styles of martial arts taught:

7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu - Northern Style of Kung Fu developed from 18 different systems back in the 1600's.

Shaolin Praying Mantis Kung Fu - This style is a bit newer and comes from shaolin. They used several styles of Praying Mantis to make this beautiful system.

Yang Tai Qi Quan - We teach Several forms of this style of Tai Qi. Very relaxing and a much softer workout, Yang style is the most popular of the Tai Qi systems today.

Chen Tai Qi Quan - Chen Style Tai Qi is more demanding on movement and different energies than most of the style of Tai Qi. It is very difficult

Wing Chun - The Wing Chun Style is very popular if not the most popular system of Kung Fu. It is focused on straightline self defense and has just several sets. It is a Southern System of kung fu.

Wu Mei Quan - Wu Mei Is also a southern system and is most likely the predecessor for Wing Chun. It is a bit more complex than Wing Chun and takes a bit more practice in the understanding of the style.

Weaponry - We teach a vast amount of weaponry from both northern and southern kung fu styles. Staff, Spear, Broadswords, Straight swords.

Okinawan Karate - Traditional karate and weaponry training.